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(Originally posted in January, 2013. The body of this "about" section has remained relatively unchanged since. The bottom line is, I shoot photos and some people buy them. I also donate to animal shelters. Have a nice day!)

Several  years ago, before heading up to Philly to visit my friend Bethany at Temple, I decided to grab my Dad's Nikon D50. I took the typical Philly shots. Bellevue, LOVE Park, City Hall. I've been into photography since. After getting my own camera for my birthday one year, and taking thousands of photos, I started to print and share images. I'd periodically show people and have family and friends ask me why I didn't become a professional photographer (whatever that means). I'd always answer, "Nah, no one would buy this." I wasn't even sure what was acclaim and what was simply kindness. On Instagram this summer, I reached out to Aphillyated Apparel and asked if they'd ever post my Philly photos and shout me out. They posted one, and it got hundreds of Likes. That was a huge moment for me. It recommended to me that people may, in fact, buy. Since starting ShaneSeeryPhoto.com in August 2012, I've sold well over 200 prints, big and small, to people all over the country. I've had photos featured in Pursuit Magazine. I recently had someone ask for a signed print, which was an honor. I've traveled to photograph Pittsburgh, Chicago, Colorado, DC and Boston to build my website, and I'm planning more trips soon. Aphillyated designed and released apparel featuring one of my images and have plans to release two more this month. On the website OneMillionPhotographers, both the images I submitted were featured as editor's choices. I even have a print in England! My first international purchase! And now, the owner of the building being rehabbed across from City Hall and LOVE Park, Two Penn Center, has asked me to shoot 360-degree Philadelphia skyline shots from the building's rooftop to be featured as the renovated lobby's feature art. Very, very excited. I decided early on in my website endeavors to contribute 5% of sales to Operation Ava animal shelter in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, where I adopted my best buddy, a pit bull named Zorro. This has allowed me to donate some money to the shelter each month which hopefully has supplied food and Kong balls to some awesome pups seeking homes. They do an amazing job at Operation Ava. I want to thank everyone who ever mentioned my photography, visited my website, purchased any of my prints, promoted me, or supported me in any capacity. And thank you to all the friends and family who recommended that I do this. This isn't some inspirational bit, but seriously, if you have "your thing", do that thing to the max. It can be a lot of fun. And don't be afraid of criticism, just do your thing. NOTE: Operation Ava has since been bought out and renamed Saved Me Rescue. They still do great work! Basically, give time, resources or whatever you can to animals. They're beautiful, loving and awesome and deserve the best of humanity.


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